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Renowned for our practical approach to HR, we provide strategic but operationally focused support to CEOs, HRD’s and owner managed businesses.  We specialise in 3 areas

1. Providing HRD Level Support         2. Employee Engagement & Recognition         3. Executive Coaching

Belver North provides businesses with the benefits of having their own HR Director without the need for them to carry all the costs of a full time professional.

Based in the North East, Belver North provides a focused high level HR service to businesses and organisations, helping them get more out of their people.

What we do, we do very well, so we stick to that. We don’t pretend that we can do everything but we love working with a wide range of businesses and really enjoy seeing the positive difference we can make by getting involved.

One of the things we specialise in is Employee Engagement.

To help us do this even more effectively we use People Gauge.

What is People Gauge?

An innovative solution allows you to proactively measure the engagement levels of your people.  

So What ?…..Knowing how and where your actively engaged people are, is powerful stuff.

An “actively engaged employee” is fully involved, enthusiastic about and adds value to your business. However it takes 4 people like this to combat the negative effect that just one “actively disengaged employee” can have, so you need as many of them as you can have.

Actively engaged employees are more motivated, more effective and more productive in whatever they are doing, which inevitably produces better results for the business or organisation in which they operate.

To find out more about People Gauge here.

Maggie Pavlou